Pam Stolsworth




(oh but so much more)   Adds her caring and supportive touch to  every student, horse and living creature on the farm.

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Pam's career in the horse industry spans over 40 years and includes positions as Owner/Trainer/Instructor at High Neighbor Farm in NY, Lead Instructor of the Long Island Riding for the Handicapped Assoc. in Brookville NY, and Instructor at Pine Hollow Stables in Brookfield NY.

Moving to Fl. in the mid 90's, Pam's equestrian career continued as Instructor/Trainer/Manager of the Flagler County Equestrian Center in Bunnell Fl. from 2004-2007 and ultimately  to her current location at P & L Stables as Owner/Instructor/Trainer and Manager. Pam not only provides professional training for students and horses but shares her passion and knowledge in a fun and educational atmosphere. This comes easily to Pam as her experience includes teaching in the Flagler school District for 22 years, working primarily with physically impaired and medically complex children.  

Pam now devotes herself full time to sharing her experience, knowledge and passion to those riders who are just beginning or continuing their journey........All are welcome at P & L Stables.



Does not know the meaning of "it's time to quit now"

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Extremely hard working trainer who lends her encouragement and patience to every student and horse in her care.



A great asset to the farm.  What would we do without her?


Love little "Cricket" !


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Bear & Cricket

The best embassador's the farm could have.